Dr Sadiyo Siad

Dr Sadiyo Siad, a single mother of five, philanthropist, an activist and a campaigner, a volunteer and the founder and CEO of Eva Organization for Women (EOW-Charity), has always dedicated her life to serving others. Besides her entrepreneurial ventures and a medical career, one of her recent, many contributions to the well-being of women, their families and young people was her work as a public health coordinator.

Education and breaking through barriers for women and young people are very important issues to Dr Siad. She is devoted to helping people who are in charitable need and enlightening them through her area of expertise.



Mrs Catherine Parker

It is a privilege to be involved with EOW and especially to work alongside Sadiyo Siad. I am committed to furthering EOW’s progress.

I am a freelance writer, trained proofreader and editor. I retired from general nursing in 2010 after a thirty-year nursing career. I enjoyed supporting, teaching and mentoring staff and colleagues, liaising with patients, their families and carers and practising and promoting high standards of care. Prior to my nursing career I was a local government officer in a Health and Housing Department; assisted in Family Planning services and ‘Well Woman’ clinics; ran a playgroup.


Kris-Isa X

Leicestershire Ethnic Minority Partnership (LEMP)

Being the voluntary chairman of LEMP since 2010, Kris-Isa dedicates himself to a life mission of continual local community regeneration and progressive social change, ultimately to contribute towards establishing true equality and socioeconomic justice globally. Earlier this year he has initiated a national movement to formulate a new ethnical citizens’ charter.

A life & growth coach by profession, this ex-prisoner from an economically disadvantaged background, managed to turn his own life around and has matured into a multi-talented, self-taught



Ms. Linda Murphy

My name is Yasmine Murphy, previously known as Linda Murphy. I am a mother of three grown-up children and a teacher since 1975. I have lived in three cities of England, Birmingham, London and Leicester. It is these experiences, plus my own Christian upbringing, as well as the teachings of my chosen way of Islam, which have lead me to want to help women and children in our society undergoing deep distress and difficulties in their lives.

My own and my children’s life experiences have shown me that health/society frame work set –up in our society to help people in their difficult times is not in fact there for everybody when they need it. I have found that many ‘professionals’...


Nadia Saffaf

I am one of the trustees for EOW. In my professional life I am a final year medical student, set to graduate and start working this July in the West Midlands as a foundation doctor. I have been part of EOW since it started in 2008.

I have been privileged to work alongside some enthusiastic people in projects such as: healthy eating, the FGM conference, international women’s day, as well as contributing on the board with other members of the organisation.