Giving The Light of Life

Somali children are paying the highest price in the civil war that ravages Somalia. Many have died – from famine or bullets – and those children fortunate enough to survive are living in a dark age. Their futures are on hold, as are their livelihoods. These children, with either one parent who cannot afford to pay school fees, or no parents at all (orphans), cannot currently attend school because the schools are private, fee-charging institutions. Less than 17% of Somali children attend school; these being the few whose parents can afford the fees, or are supported by other organisations.

We at EOW-Charity believe that education is the light of life. Our Giving the Light of Life project involves sponsoring orphans and underprivileged children by paying their school fees.

This project will link individuals to a young person of their choice, as their only sponsor. Sponsors will see “their” child’s life changing through the notes, letters and photographs they will receive from the sponsored young person.