Humanitarian Work (Somalia Project)

As you may know from the news, children in Somalia are suffering some of the highest malnutrition and drought rates in the world. The scale of the Somali catastrophe is now very clear with nearly three million Somalis in urgent need and more than 10 million at risk. The international aid organisations have now started to respond to the devastating catastrophes in Somalia, and it is indeed a wonderful humanitarian action to provide aid to these desperate people – but the real question is ‘who will feed them after this current crisis?’

On behalf of EOW, Sadiya Siad visited Mogadishu, Somalia, in August 2011.

She went there to do humanitarian work in the children’s ward in Banaadir Hospital and to feed refugees in the refugee camps in Mogadishu.

She stayed in Somalia for about 2 weeks. Majority of that time was spent identifying the people and groups who needed the help and typing up the expectation and the result of the project. 2 days was spent in the children’s ward, helping injured children (pictures on the left) and a further 2 days was spent at the refugee camps, giving out food and money.

Each packet of the money (as seen on the picture top right), would keep a family alive for about 3 days. Each bag of rice (as seen on the picture bottom right), would provide about 2-3 days food for a family (depending on the size).

Besides doing the humanitarian work, this was also a pilot project for our other projects in Somalia.