here is a saying “don’t give the man a fish but teach the man how to catch the fish for himself”. You may have noticed in the news the on-going problems in Somalia and indeed it is women and children who are suffering from this tragedy.

EOW has responded to this catastrophe and specifically donated $500 to help Somali women, without education, who have small children and no means of support, to set out different, commercially-orientated projects to make some income. Through EOW, we have managed to acquire highly educated people on the grounds that are willing to train, manage and support these women. The money from the commercial venture support project will be lent as a micro loan to the women, as an investment on specific projects. Recipients have to present a project through which they are confident enough to make some money to feed their family and pay off their loan. The loans are interest free and the pay back will allow us to help more women who are in similar situations. So far, we have helped five women to set up their own small businesses in Mogadishu.

We at EOW believe that when you help/educate one woman, you help her entire family.

This project, entitled “Teach How to Fish”, strives to make an impact on those who have no helping hand, teaching them how to be financially independent and become an entrepreneur in a society where democracy has been stolen and the instability of which, over two decades of war, has crumbled the pride and dignity of their country. This has caused limited employment rate and reduced the means of earning a livelihood through jobs. This project enables Somali women to earn money in order to provide food and schooling for their children.

Fatima Amin (the above picture) is one of the five women entrepreneurs empowered by EOW in Mogadhishu, Somalia in 2011. “I have now my own shop in my own home. I can work, earn a living while I am in my own home, looking after my children and my mother. Thanks to EOW for building this grocery shop for me where my neighbours can have their grocery shopping and don’t need to go to the market” Fatima said. So, Fatima’s enterprising opportunity from EOW, gave rise to helping the whole family and the community.

We at EOW truly believe that change has to start within. If we want to make a difference in our community, a small initiative is the way forward.