The purpose of EOW is to empower, motivate and encourage people who are in charitable need regardless of their background (in particular, women, their families and young people) to break down the barriers that are hindering their successes and achievements. We achieve this through well-designed projects, tailored campaigns, events, conferences and the use of our forum to educate, heighten awareness, empower and encourage them within their communities to advance their lives.

Furthermore, EOW aims to build a strong networking system that enables these individuals regardless of their background, to exchange and share their experiences, information, knowledge, wisdom and skills so that they can inspire, encourage and motivate one another and become role models for the next generations.

Our Aims are:

To identify the important issues faced by women, their families and young people – as part of EOW’s engagement and empowerment projects.

To advance awareness of women’s values, rights and well-being in society. And also to promote the idea that progress in education doesn’t mean that women will abandon the family and cultural values important to them in those communities that sometimes view an educated woman can as a threat.

To continue the development of EOW’s local and overseas projects.

Our Specific Objectives are:

o create an open and safe environment for women, their families and young people to discuss issues that matter to them in private and public arenas, through the use of conferences, workshops, seminars, online forums and in one to one discussion.

To enable the support of these individuals through higher education, public health awareness and employment opportunities through our workshops, etc. To promote integration, social cohesion, cultural exchange and social networking opportunities at regular events/conferences and meetings (etc.) as part of our English Heritage project.

To offer essential services, such as micro credit loans to women and sponsoring orphans and under-privileged children by paying their school fees, as part of our outreach programme in developing countries.

To advance our library project – “Operation Read-to-Learn”– as part of our pledge to improve access to knowledge and empowerment of communities and nations.